Sawdust / wood chip s/ industrial pellet burners for drum dryers up to 2.5 MWT


Since 2010 we produce wood logs/sowdust/wood chips burners with power up to 2.5 MWt.

This equipment can be easily combined with drum dryers for drying wood chips, wood sawdust with humidity up to 45% etc.

The range of burners contains 3 main models :

BVS3000 - up to 1500 kWt

BVS4000 - up to 2000 kwt

BVS5000 - up to 2500 kwt with double feeding system and super-strong fire-bars

BVS4000 with drum dryer (11 meter length). Drying productivity up to 1,500 kg per hour using sawdust up to 45% of humidity and wood chips as fuel

9 meter drum dryer with BVS400 burner

All burners can be supplies at EXW Cherhihiv ,DDP Vilnius, DDP Warsaw or DDP Klaipeda basis within 60 days.

We can supply full set of drum dryer with 4 meter leng DRUM with productivity up to 1000 kg per hour

Please contact us uabcompradorlt() to get additional technical data and pricing offer.


Последнее обновление  January 21st, 2019

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